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Disc Tube™ Module System
Reverse Osmosis Process
Natural osmosis occurs when two fluids of different salinity are separated by a semipermeable membrane. The fluid with the lower salinity will pass through the membrane until the salt solution becomes equal on both sides of the membrane. If pressure is exerted on the higher salinity solution the membrane allows desalinated, de-mineralized water to pass into the pure solution whilst it rejects the dissolved impurities, a process known as ‘reverse osmosis’ (RO).
The Pall Disc Tube (DT) module system is a membrane device designed to ensure molecular ionic separation of the whole spectrum of pollutants in all aqueous environments: from suspended matter to the smallest ions, including colloids, bacteria, viruses organic matter. The Disc Tube module consists of a stack of molded ABS spacing discs separating membrane cushions which are formed from three octagonal layers which are welded to each other, ultrasonically at their periphery
The unique configuration of the Disc Tube module offers numerous advantages over traditional spiral tubular membrane modules.
• Open channel configuration
• High turbulances of the feed stream
• Reduced risks of clogging crystallization
• Evenly distributed self-cleaning hydraulic circulation
• More effective cleanings
• Minimization of cross-flow rate
• Extended range of cut-off fnanofiltration membranes (500 g/mole, 270 g/mole) freverse osmosis (high flow rates, Standard 100 g/mole, high rejection)
Range of Applications
• Treatment of landfill leachate
• Cleaning of industrial waste waters
• Desalination of brackish water sea water at ends of production of potable water
• Targeted molecular separation