Dòng Ultipleat®

Ultipleat High Flow filter elements are designed for high particle removal efficiency of fine particulates from water applications.

The Ultipleat High Flow filter elements utilize polyethersulfone (PES) media with unique, laid-over pleat geometry. The Ultipleat High Flow element is a large diameter, single open ended, pleated cartridge with an inside to outside flow pattern and a core-free construction.
The filter’s unique laid-over pleat geometry, combined with its large diameter means fewer elements are required for a given flow rate when compared to standard diameter cartridges. Filter vessels are correspondingly smaller, resulting in lower capital and installation costs, as well as reduced operating costs.


Features and Benefits



Polyethersulfone membrane
with no adhesives or

• Consistent filtrate quality
• Highly stable structure
• Media provides a typical 3 log reduction of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts
• Process reliability

Pleated (laid-over pleat
geometry) media in a large
diameter cartridge format

• 10 % water savings
• 30 % lower operating costs
• Lower capital and installation costs
• Reduced installation footprint
• Longer service life

Inside to outside flow

• At element change-out, protects
filtrate from recontamination by
trapping particulates inside the cartridge

• Cartridges produced in a controlled environment
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System